Snow In The Afternoon

Hello, Dear Readers.

Well, yesterday afternoon we finally had the snow that the weather forecasters have been warning us about for a week or so. Parts of the country have had at least ONE WHOLE FOOT of snow and we got…. about one centimetre, if that.


I like snow, you see.

In fact I like extreme weather conditions (extreme by British standards, that is) because you cannot help but be reminded how no matter how thoroughly humans might surround themselves with technology there is no escaping the machinations of Mother Nature. My parents were always amused by the way my usual reluctance to leave the house would vanish if there was a thunderstorm, gale force winds, fog or snow. And I’m still like that; I love nothing more than leaving the house at 6.30 in the morning when the fog has come down or if it’s belting down with rain or when a ton of snow has been deposited overnight. I should point out here that I’m equally as happy to walk to work of a morning during the summer when the sun is already out and the air has yet to be tinged with the smell of petrol from the morning traffic.

By mid-morning yesterday’s snow had vanished where the sun had hit it, just clinging to the roofs of the houses opposite and the bonnets, roofs and boots of the cars still in the shade. What an anti-climax. I felt sorry for the child I heard yesterday saying to her Mum that she was going to use left-over Christmas wishes to wish for there to lots and lots of snow while she was asleep so that she could make a snowman. She must have gone eagerly to her window this morning hoping to see a winter wonderland and instead been confronted with a damp, slushy disappointment. However at about half two this afternoon I looked up and noticed that it was snowing quite hard and this time it was laying. I found my camera and took some photos out of the windows. Lola followed me upstairs and sat on the bed looking at the snow falling through the blind.

Our car (it’s actually more of a terracotta colour than this photograph shows.)

The view down the street.

Our cold car, Fennella the Ford Fusion.

Lola watches the snow intently.


There is a video of her grumbling away and eventually barking at the snow, but I can’t get Xanga to upload it, which is really annoying.

There will probably be more snow overnight although I’m not sure how much. I’m on the early shift tomorrow which means I shall be up at 5am and leaving the house at 6.30 when it will still be cold and icy! By then there will be frost and freezing fog as well as the new snowfall. I’d better attach the crampon thingies to my trainers before setting off (and hope I get to work still wearing both of them, unlike last year when I arrived at work walking rather lop-sidedly.) It could be an eventful trek.





21 thoughts on “Snow In The Afternoon

  1. I think you would love living in Texas. Really big thunderstorms would pop up out of nowhere. Incredible lightning. The thunder would make the house shake. Scary but thrilling at the same time. (although the tornado warnings were not fun)  

  2. Great photos of the snow. We have to drive an hour or more for our snow fix. Our Lola loves the snow quite a bit. She is a little trooper in it, especially considering how low she is to the ground. Have a lovey invigerating romp to work tomorrow!

  3. @queenie – Thank you for the comment. I shall wrap up warm and give myself enough time to get to work uninjured! Our Lola wanted to go out at 2.30am (I was up already because of my cough) until, that is, I opened the back door. She decided it was too cold and turned tail!

  4. @titus_bigglesworth – I LOVE thunderstorms, especially at night when you can just lay in bed and listen. I’m glad we don’t have tornadoes here – well not often and then only very small, very short-lived ones. I’ve been terrified of them since the first time I saw “The Wizard of Oz” as a small child. 

  5. They’ve given us a snow warning in the North West from Liverpool down to Cornwall (including Wales).  I think we’ll only get a dusting of snow locally – expecting more on hills with blizzards due to the high winds coming.  Not very good at walking on snow or ice.

  6. @lesley_redd – Hi Lesley. I get nervous walking about when it’s slippery – I’m always uneasy when I’m unsure of my footing – I tried rollerskating once. NEVER AGAIN!! Consequently I left the house 15 minutes early but still got to work at the usual time. I was constantly hopping from pavement to road and back again to take advantage of the clear bits and resisted the temptation to smash the windows of the house whose owners had cleared their path by (presumably) slooshing boiling water down it. Their path was lovely and clear but the pavement was just sheet ice where the slooshed water had ended up!! And of course I suffer constantly from the falling over/jerking awake dreams as I drop off to sleep. I’ve got two days off now and don’t really plan on leaving the house. (Even though I’ve got a horrible feeling the private caller that just rang was work asking me to go in, probably to cover someone who can’t make it. I didn’t answer the phone.)Stay safe!!

  7. @Zissu25 – Hi. Thanks for subscribing. I live in Suffolk close to the East coast. The general area is East Anglia. We’re about an hour away from London by train. If you picture the UK as a little man in profile facing to the left, we’re a pimple on his bottom.

  8. ‘bonnets, roofs, and boots’… ‘crampon thingies to my trainers’…. I tell ya I have such a hard time understanding english and I could swear that is my first language.    You can’t imagine what goes through the mind. Snow is lovely.  Wish I could walk to work and everywhere I wanted to go.  Nice post.

  9. I like that perspective on extreme weather. Although when we’re in the midst of one of our hurricanes, I’m not sure I’d like it as much!  Your furry friend looks like one of my canine buddies. Is she a “schnoodle”, half schnauzer, half poodle, per chance?

  10. @Pepin909 – Thanks for your comment! Lola’s Mum was a Bichon Frise and her Dad was a Border Terrier. Her sisters had her Dad’s colouring but she has her Mum’s. She is very much like our friend’s dog, Noodle, who is of indeterminate parentage – their temperament, body shape and yipping are almost exactly the same. We also have a West Highland White Terrier, Charley (short for Charlotte.) Charley thinks she runs the house and cab be very single minded. Lola is like Rose from the Golden Girls, I’ve decided. There are songs singing in her head a lot of the time. She once walked into a wall because she was looking over her shoulder at something. I was always a cat person until we had dogs and now I can’t imagine life without them being around. British extreme weather is, by the rest of the world’s standards, not very extreme. Or should that be “English weather” because the Scots and the Welsh tend to get a great deal of snow when it comes. Even then there’s a divide – the North of England can suffer a lot of snow compared to the south. There has been panic buying in some shops – for 4 inches of snow!!

  11. As you said, no amt of technology can replace the beauty and power of mother nature.  Lovely snow photos and love the photos of Lola watching the snow from the window.  bet she would love to get out there and roll in it.

  12. @n_e_i_l – Actually she’s named after the incredible Fenella Fielding, possibly the campest British actress ever. Her best performance is in “Carry On Screaming.” But Fenella Woolgar is pretty cool, too, and was great in Doctor Who.

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