Bloody Hell, I’ve blogged.

Good grief.

It’s an age since I’ve written anything. I don’t know why the urge/need to put words onto the (digital) page dwindled so thoroughly but dwindle it did. It’s not that I never have anything to say it’s just that somehow the actual process of translating the things banging in around in my head into words kills the spontaneity. Maybe if I went back to writing the sort of fiction I used to write years ago (albeit stuff that no one woud read but myself) it would be different but I don’t feel the need to do that anymore either… probably because I’m actually happy with life these days and all my writing was borne of the angst I was feeling back in the day (as the kids say.) Some of the best books I’ve read are tragic, perhaps it takes the inspiration of tragedy to produce the goods.

And of course I was still single when I used to blog a lot. Once you have a real life human in your life it can be a bit distracting.

Sooooooo might this fragment be the start of some more writings? I dunno, if I’m honest. I felt like writing a bit tonight, so I did.

Anyway, until the next time…………

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